Among different food items, rice is considered as one of the special food item by most of Asian countries, Japanese and Chinese. They love taking rice with other food items. No matter what, rice is special in its own way and it is one of the most preferred in different parts of the world. The plain cooked rice would be delicious only if it is tasted with some side dish or gravy items. The gravy or the side dish may be vegetarian or non-vegetarian food items. The fluffy rice with any favorite gravy would be mouthwatering for sure.


The vessel used for cooking rice is called pressure cooker which is otherwise called as rice cooker. The pressure cooker boils the rice and cooks it in appropriate temperature. Rice cooking is easy only by practice, because raw rice with proper portion of water and time set to set off the pressure cooker are most important for cooking rice. If this process is not practiced properly, then rice will be either undercooked or over cooked. Having a pressure cooker is different from knowing how to prepare fluffy rice.

Different types

Different types of cookers are available in the market from different brands. As far as rice cookers are concerned, you can find

  • Electric rice cooker
  • Fuzzy logic rice cooker
  • Cheap fuzzy logic rice cooker
  • Stainless steel rice cooker
  • Rice cookies for brown rice

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