Robert Simonds’s STX Entertainment eyes more film

STX Entertainment is one of the largest and independent American films and television studio set up by Robert Simonds. The studio is primarily backed up by Tencent Holdings and PCCW which mainly works for the growing the business in the market. In a recent conference hosted by USB provider of Swiss financial services, the CEO and Chairman of the STX Entertainment told that the company is approaching for the collaboration with the Chinese entities in different aspects as they do in the past. Bob Simonds also confirmed in his speech that they are exercising to increase their business in China by creating a new infrastructure and ecosystem so that they can get well connected with their audience.

The aggressive internet giants such as Baidu, Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent are also initializing their projects by adding investments in the film projects which they can easily operate on one of the largest online video platforms of the country. It is expected that the mainland is going to surpass the United States as the one of the largest film industry of box office revenue. You may be familiar with the fact that China is one of the largest audience providers for the Hollywood movies globally due to highest population density. China’s box office is growing double with each passing day due to the quality of movies it offers. For making a box office successful; the content of the movie plays a very important role which gets actually multiplied with the traction and success of the imported movies.

Robert Simonds’ deal with China to supercharge film financing facilities have successfully enabled Hollywood to create movies at a lower niche, a niche where movies can be produced within the range of US$20 million to US$60 million. One of the most prominent international co-production is the movie The Foreigner , starring the veteran Hong Kong Superstar Jackie Chan as the protagonist.

STX Entertainment is one of the leading legend Holdings run by Robert Simonds which offers one of the best Hollywood movies every year. It offers a funding of US$500 million to US$3.5 billion from its initial public offering in the country. As per Bob Simonds, the STX Entertainment is now working with one of the finest e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group; Alibaba Pictures where they work in collaboration with a new TV series of United States providing a short format film and virtual reality.

Bob Simonds do not use the outdated ways of doing business as the other does for their Hollywood studios so there are enhanced chances of emerging business. Robert Simonds owns an integrated platform for his STX Entertainment studio where they can perform spanning intellectual property creation, creative development, production, distribution, and marketing. It also offers STXsurreal which works in collaboration with Google where the users have to pay per view for high quality mobile virtual reality. The things are changing in such a fast pace that it has enhanced the chances of doing business with STS Entertainment studio much more which means that they are surely going to have a brighter future in China box office.